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One-to-one personal training is available in the Palm Springs area. We have two locations to serve you. Your sessions can be conducted at your home or at our private studio, The Shape Shack, in Palm Desert.

No matter which location you prefer, we have all the equipment necessary to give you a safe, effective workout. Our trainers are experienced, patient, and confident that they can help you meet your fitness goals.

Additionally, we offer a full range of body composition tests designed to provide you with the information you need to get fit or stay in shape.

-- Early appointments available. No more wondering about how to make time for your workout.
-- Our trainers are ACE certified. We know how to meet your goals.
-- We are prompt and supportive. Your confidentiality is assured.
Competitive rates
-- No need for you to join a gym. Training packages are available to save you money.
"I weighed 397 pounds and suffered 4 small strokes. My doctor didn't know if I had enough time to lose weight before a major stroke hit. I started slowly workout out with the best trainer, Mary Phillips. She worked around my illness and showed me how to get the results I wanted. I have currently lost over 125 pounds and am midway to my goal thanks to Mary's guidance."
-Dorothy Owens Hayward, California
"Working out with Mary increased not only my physical strength and stamina, but my self-confidence, too! After years of being a couch potato, I was amazed to see the increase in my strength, stamina, and confidence. She's not only a trainer, but a motivator. She gives you that extra push that you need."

-Brenda Sandoval Castro Valley, California
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